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GZK CRAZY POWER TTF PLUS DS (double-screw version)
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INCLUDES:   1 slingshot, 2 band-set,1 protection box, spare crews. Please note that the slingshot comes with a single-point sight, but the double-point sight and U-sight are optional. 

POSTAGE:  free shipping for orders up to $79.

If you need GZK CRAZY POWER TTF PLUS  one-piece clip version , just click on this link→ http://gzkband.aly623.159301.com/ProDetail.aspx?ProId=34

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1.    Normally, we will ship your order within 2 working days of receiving your payment, but some customized items such as taper templates and pouch cutting dies will take 3-4 working days to complete before they can be shipped. Buyers in Korea, India and Brazil please be sure to provide your personal customs clearance number,or called PAN or GST  (write the "note remarks"before you submit the order or send an email to 623676751@qq.com after you purchase ), which is required by the customs, without which we cannot ship the goods. After Brexit, all goods sent to the UK need to provide the recipient's VAT number, otherwise the recipient will be charged a certain amount of customs duties and value-added tax. Please note that we do not recommend Russian customers to buy in this store. If the Russian customer insists on placing the order, we have to deliver the goods but we cannot guarantee whether the recipient can receive the goods on time. If the package is lost, we will not be liable for any compensation.Because slingshots are prohibited in Singapore and Indonesian customs also banned slingshots, if Singapore and Indonesian buyers insist on buying slingshots, we can only ship them, but we will not be liable for any compensation once the goods are confiscated by the customs or police. All buyers should be aware that as the seizure or delay of parcels caused by customs inspection is an uncontrollable factor, we will urge the express company to solve the problem, but we will not be liable for compensation. 

It's important to emphasize that the recipient must have the qualification and ability of customs clearance, otherwise the goods are detained by the customs resulting in destruction or return, we will not bear any loss.


2.    About the tracking: make sure you remember the account number and password you used to place your order and log in this website, and you can find the tracking number of your order when it is shipped, or check your email (the email you use to log into this site or your PayPal account email), you will receive an E-mail containing the tracking number normally. When you get the tracking number, paste it into the rectangle dialog on the Official website of express company https://www.jcex.com/  or https://www.17track.net/zh-cn for logistics information of your parcel. If you feel troublesome, also you can send inquiry email to 623676751@qq.com, and do write down the recipient's full name and phone number on your order in the email, otherwise we can not check anything. If you still do not receive the goods within 20 working days after the delivery, and the express company cannot explain the whereabouts of the goods, you can submit a refund application to PayPal, and we will start the compensation process. However, we will not enter the compensation process within 20 working days.If the express company provides the receipt record of your parcel, we shall regard it as the goods have been successfully delivered. In principle, we will not compensate you, but we will do our best to help you complain to the Courier company(Note: this indemnity policy does not apply to customers in Brazil and other South American countries).


3.     If you find that the package delivered by the Courier is obviously damaged in appearance, please do reject it on the spot and contact us immediately(email to 623676751@qq.com ,facebook account  Gzkband).Please note that the Courier company will compensate for the damage caused by transportation. If you accept the damaged package, you will be responsible for the loss.


4.    When you receive a package that looks undamaged from the Courier, be sure to shoot an out-of-the-box video to record the status of all items as evidence of your complaint or claim in case. Please remember that if you do not provide the original unpacking video, we will not process any of your claims.


5.    If you are not satisfied with the items you received, please send an email to 623676751@qq.com or send feedback to our facebook account Gzkband as soon as possible. Please note that:we no longer serve customers who launch paypal complaints without any communication in advance, although such customers are rare.Thanks for your understanding.


6.    If you have taken an out-of-the-box video at the time of receipt and can prove a problem with the quality of the product or we sending the wrong goods, we can accept the return and bear the return shipping cost,and freight invoice is required. Return shipping costs up to $19.The payment will be returned to the buyer account within 3 working days after we receive the goods and confirm that there are no problems.If the returned goods are damaged or missing, we have the right to refuse to refund the money to the buyer. Please note that we do not provide any form of return or exchange for products that have been received for three months or more.


7.    If you bought the wrong thing or simply returned because you didn't like it, you need to bear the return shipping cost and the freight paid by the seller.Note: we don't bear the customs duties arising from the return of goods. 


8.    Please be sure to fill in your detailed address information including full name,zip code and valid phone number (mobile phone number is recommended) when placing an order on this website. We will only ship goods according to the address information you left. If you fail to receive the goods or lose the goods due to incorrect address information, we will not assume any liability for compensation. And If you requests to change the pickup address during the delivery process, the cost incurred shall be borne by the recipient.Please note: we can't deliver anything to the p.o. box, so please provide a valid address such home or office address other than p.o. box .    

In addition, remote areas such as Guernsey、Jersey in the UK, Reunion,Guadeloupe in France, Sicily、Sardinia in Italy,Balkan peninsula and other remote areas all need to pay additional transportation costs , ranging from $50 to $120. Buyers in these areas cannot enjoy free shipping under any circumstances. For a detailed list of remote areas, please consult the seller before placing an order.


9.    Although a considerable number of orders enjoy tax exemption, there are still many countries where customs collect taxes from buyers (such as South Africa,Indonesia,the Philippines,Mexico,Brazil,Argentina,Chile,Ecuador,Colombia,Peru and other Latin American countries ,etc.), and even countries that normally have small import-free taxes will generate tariffs due to customs spot check. So, like many other exporters, we cannot guarantee that you will be taxed or not when you receive the goods. Please consult your local customs for details.We do not provide any invoices.If requested by customs, you can print the order confirmation email or your order information on the website.If the goods are returned or destroyed because the buyer refuses to pay taxes or fails to go through customs clearance procedures, or reject parcels for personal reasons,all losses shall be borne by the buyer himself. If the customers from the above regions insist on buying something on this website, we have to deliver the goods, but we cannot guarantee that the buyers can receive the goods in time or not. The European Union will abolish the duty-free policy of less than 22 euros from July 1, 2021. All buyers in the EU region, please ensure that your personal phone and e-mail are unblocked to effectively cooperate with customs clearance then. 


10.    Please be sure to read the refund policy before placing your order.If you place an order on this website, we assume that you have read and agree to the above content.